“Deadpool” Review

Well, let me just say I’m glad this day finally came. This was a film fans have been clamoring for for years. It only took some person leaking test footage to get this thing made. Thank you ma’am or sir for your borderline illegal act because we got a really fun movie out of this character.

You can’t talk about this movie without talking about Ryan Reynolds first and foremost. There are a lot of actors who are iconic and perfect fits in their superhero roles (Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Christian Bale as Batman, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man), and after one real performance in this role, Reynolds belongs in that same rarefied air. His comedic timing, sarcastic wit, and joke delivery are more than what we could expect from Deadpool.

The downside of this film was that the story was very weak and very formulaic. There was nothing groundbreaking, shocking, or impressive in the narrative, but it didn’t need it. That it and of itself is impressive. Ryan Reynolds figuratively carried this movie on his back and his performance makes this movie as entertaining as it was. His performance is really the only one worth discussing. Everyone else played their roles and played them well. Everyone, including Collosus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead complimented Deadpool/Wade Wilson beautifully. There were no weak links in this cast. The vulgarity and violence of this film was not nearly as bad as I was anticipating. I wouldn’t take my child to see this but I’ve also seen way worse stuff on film before.

The costume is a thing of beauty. Never before have we seen something pulled straight from the comics and have it look so good. The next closest costume we get is Spider-man, but the expressive white eyes in this really set this suit apart from all others.

Fight choreography is very important to me in superhero films. I love any action that involves hand to hand combat and fighting with swords. This movie had both in abundance and all of it was very well done and executed. It all honesty, I probably could have left the theater, having just seen the fight on the highway and been completely satisfied with the experience of watching this movie. That sequence perfectly reflects everything that worked so well in this movie

One of Deadpool’s hallmark traits is “breaking the fourth wall”. If I had one compliant about this movie is that there wasn’t enough of that. That is what makes his character so unique and they could have capitalized on that a lot more in my opinion. This is by far the most humorous superhero movie ever. From opening credits to post credits this movie goes for the laughs and it is successful. I definitely don’t want all my superhero movies to be funny but I look forward to getting that out of this budding franchise.


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