“The Walking Dead” Episode Review “Knots Untie”

This was our first step into a whole new world for this show. So much of this world has seemed small at times, which was never a bad thing. Now we are going into uncharted territory. We are seeing and hearing of multiple groups, stationed multiple places, with multiple agendas and characters. This is an exciting time to be a fan of “The Walking Dead.”

Let’s start with how awesome Carl is. When Rick tells Carl about him and Michonne, Carl is nothing but cool with it and that made me so happy. Carl loves Michonne and wants his dad to be happy. This works out great for everyone involved.

The assessment of Alexandria but Jesus was such a great moment. He’s been there a very short amount of time and called them out for everything they are and aren’t and everything they have a don’t. He knows they are well armed but low on food and he wants to help them. He’s observation and watchful but I truly believe it’s with the best of intentions. He knows good people when he sees them, probably because he has seen the worst of humanity with Negan’s group.

The Hilltop Colony seems archaic compared to Alexandria. They have much fewer modern conveniences than our group does. One of the podcasts I listen to The Walking Dead ‘Cast highlighted the fact that they may actually be better equipped to deal with the world as it is now and I definitely agree. Not having a microwave, canned goods, or running water would force you to find alternate sources. Alexandria may not be able to exist with these luxuries forever. As much as Rick’s group has become harden, I find it almost impossible that the ability to shower, wash clothes, and brush their teeth so easily wouldn’t even soften them a bit.

The Hilltop’s power structure was also very interesting, primarily because of their “leader” Gregory. What a sleezy guy he is. It seems like he is in power just to placate him, not because he is the most adept and leading them. Jesus doesn’t even seem to have a lot of respect for him as a leader. How could you? He’s awful. His interaction with Maggie made me sick to my stomach. He was so deeming to someone who clearly doesn’t deserve it. Him purposely calling her the wrong name was such a jerk move on his part. A lot of credit has to go to Xander Berkley for creating a character that you hate from the very beginning. I was very glad to see Maggie come back around and take advantage of his weakness after he got stabbed. It was an example of how great of a leader Maggie is becoming. She strong-armed a hell of a deal out of this guy. I also loved the faith that Rick had in her to send her in to meet with him again without a second thought. He knew Maggie could make them a deal to help them survive.

The most thought provoking piece of this episode is actually the deal itself. Our group has agreed to be “mercenaries for hire” and eliminate Negan’s group for half of the Hilltop’s food and supplies. This is a high risk, high reward gamble the group is taking. They barely know anything about Negan or his group and they assume they can beat him. Of course they don’t have the knowledge we as the audience does but I feel something bad looming. Something worse than the Governor, worse than the Claimers, and worse than Terminus. Their hubris and  over-confidence could easily get the best of them because they really have no idea what they are up against. If there is a group well experience enough for this job it is certainly Rick’s group but this type of situation could go real bad in a hurry if not executed properly.

This is a huge turning point for our group. I’m just hoping the think this through because I’m almost certain their will be significant causalities on both sides.

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