“The Walking Dead” Episode Review “The New World”

The best way to describe this episode is a word I would’ve never thought to use to describe this show. “Fun.” Certainly not all of it was “fun” but a larger portion than ever was. This episode had more humorous moments than any I can recall and I found that oddly satisfying.

Rick and Darryl’s crazy adventure to get supplies was full of some pretty light-hearted moments for a show that is so dark, many of which revolved around the new character of “Jesus” (we’ll get to him later). Rick and Darryl haven’t really had much time together and getting an adventure with the two of them is always entertaining. I will always welcome any interaction between this dynamic duo. The episode starts out so light and calm. Alexandria is well on it’s way to being rebuilt and fortified. Michonne looks comfortable and domestic in her robe with a towel on her head requesting toothpaste, Carl’s doing physical therapy, Darryl is taking soda orders from Dr. Denise, and Rick is playing happy music in the car. This doesn’t even sound like “The Walking Dead.” It was nice to see this lighter side of Rick that even continued despite a series of unfortunate events. On the way home I love that he gives Darryl and others credit for seeing the importance good people. That was something lost on Rick since they arrived in Alexandria. Seeing how they all stepped up to fight of the walkers really changed Rick’s opinion. It inspired him to give Jesus a chance even with all the havoc he was causing them.

Now Jesus. I REALLY enjoyed him as a character. We learn next to nothing about him but we can infer somethings. He’s part of a group and he’s taking that truck somewhere. He’s adapted very well to the world as it is now and is clever and sneaky, as evidenced by sneaking the keys away from Rick and Darryl and sneaking back on to the truck. He is certainly not a bad guy. He had a perfect opportunity to kill Darryl and take the supplies and he purposefully saved him, knowing full well it would do him no good. I’m geeked to learn more about this guy and see more of what he is capable of. I think he is going to be a huge asset to this group at this time when they need it the most.

The story line with Spencer going after walker Deanna was interesting. I appreciate what they meant to do by having Michonne tag along, but the logistics of it made no sense. Deanna was in the house in episode 8 of this season. Bitten, and on the verge of death, door wide open with a dozen walkers headed her way, with her screaming at the top of of her lungs, awaiting death… and now she’s outside the walls with no lost limbs, no additional bit marks. How is this possible? The only explanation I can think is that she was so far gone with the virus that the walkers ignored her, but they didn’t look like they were ignoring her.

Enough about nitpicks. What Carl did for Spencer seemed so weird at the time, stupid and dangerous really. Even Enid thought Carl was nuts, but in reality it was very kind and he did so with the best of intentions. Seeing Deanna again was a reminder to Michonne of what Deanna asked her before she died. For Spencer taking care of his mother and hearing Michonne take a page right out of Deanna’s book reaffirmed his commitment to Alexandria and his own livelihood. The interaction between Carl and Michonne when he explains why he lead Deanna to Spencer was so sweet. Carl gets it. He knows how important family is and how good people deserve a proper send off. To hear him say he would do that for Michonne visible warmed her heart and literally warmed mine. Those two have my favorite relationship on the show, which was just elevated in this scene.

And speaking of relationships… lest we forget the 4 million ton elephant in the room… Rick and Michonne. The writing has been on the wall for this relationship for a long time. It has been discussed and hinted at all over the internet. Rick and Michonne are my absolute favorite characters on the show so if they want to be in a relationship I’ll support it, but to say that’s what I was hoping for would be a lie. I LOVE them as friends. I think they have the perfect partnership and they compliment each other so well. Rick values Michonne’s opinion over pretty much anyone else. I guess in writing this though, that is what you would look for in a romantic partner. Someone that is a friend, someone you trust, someone who’s opinion you value… so maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all. I guess part of why I wasn’t completely on board is that it makes me worry for them. Bad things happen to good people.I also have no interest in seeing them break up and make up like so many shows do. I’m also of the opinion that romantic relationships aren’t really what drives me to this show. But we are seeing a change in the dynamic. Things are relatively calm now. When things are calm relationships are more likely to develop because you have the time and energy to devote to them. If you were running from zombies everyday I doubt you would be thinking about who you want to date when/if you get back home alive. If anything it’s just a natural thing that would occur at a peaceful time like this. I do appreciate that this is fertile ground that the show has not explored before and while I can’t think of any great stories to come of all these budding relationships, I’m hopeful the writers can think of some creative places to take these couples.

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